This is a snapshot as of 2021/6. I will write about this blog. This digram shows my blog architecture.



I am running this blog on linode VPS. This blog is in a docker container and I am using dokku to manage containers(apps). Dokku is script based Paas and an OSS. Heroku buildpacks are compatible with Dokku since it’s a heroku alternative. Thanksfully, you can run any applications on Dokku just by pushing your code.

Cost: $10/month


As soon as I finish writing, I will push my posts to github. Github Actions takes care of deployment. Before Github Actions, I used Werker before oracle acquired and Travis CI, and for sure Circle Ci for a short period.

Cost: Free

Assets Management

I store images in AWS S3(Simple Storage Server) and serve them via AWS CloudFront. I am wondering I write about this in a separate article. If you are familiar with AWS, you will grab everything in a second, however, if you don’t have any experience with it like I didn’t before, you won’t understand what is happening in a short description.

Cost: $0.01/month(It depends on how popular this website is)


I use cloudflare as DNS server and hold my domains in Namecheap.

Cost: Free(except domains)


  • Google Analytics

Not to mention, I am counting you bb.

Cost: Free


I used to build several email server, but it turned out that email server is fragile if it’s built poorly. I use Fastmail as Gmail alternative. Fastmail is a paid service, so it doesn’t have ads. I am a Fastmail customer as well as a Gmail product.

That said, You can send me email but twitter DM is preferrable. @junkpiano

Cost: $35/year


I am building my CMS(Contents Management System). The first goal is organizing assets such as images, PDFs. Text editing is huge, I don’t want to implement it by my own right now. I will continue to write posts in VSCode.

My blog is a static website, but it might get dynamic website in the future. I can’t tell. If I don’t give up, something will happen here.

Cost: N/A


I described how I build my weblog with a few amount of expenses. I encourage you to build your own blog if you don’t own. It’s a good portfolio for you.