2018 was yet another awesome year.

Commitments in work

I worked on building mobile development foundation.

Jenkins CI Exapansion

I read this book to learn Jenkins(written in Japanese). Aside from maintaining jenkins, I learned to modify several Jenkins modules, such as Git plugin.(We are using my forked Git plugin now.)

Open API Specification

OpenAPI Initiative

Side projects

This blog

I moved this blog to Linode. What I exactly did is that I moved my blog on docker on Linode instance.

How do I use Docker?

I introduced Dokku on my instance. If you are looking for the platform you can deploy easily, Dokku is the best option for you.


Kiri(霧 in Kanji) is my network abstraction layer in Swift. It’s influenced by Moya. If you are used to Moya, you will notice Kiri is very similar to Moya.



Mastodon is promising for me.



I started several mobile games in 2018.

Resolutions in 2019

  • Read(Listen to) more books
  • Read more classical novels
  • Publish a new iOS app
  • Publish a new Web app written in JavaScript
  • Travel abroad since I didn’t in 2018
  • Master one of the games I started playing in 2018
  • etc…